Every brand needs advertising and we are the Rightmindz to help them leveraging on the right communication tools to take their brand soaring up. There are many forms of advertising – Print, Television, Radio, Outdoor, Digital and the like and we help brands to choose the right one. Based on the budget at hand, we always enable brands to choose the most effective means to get the word out in the market. Media planning is key to helping brands target the right audience, reading market trends, using the right communication tools, understanding the motivations of consumers and we can help you in this regard.

Though the digital space has had a great rise in cutting down on brand spends, some of the traditional advertising mediums still do really well. Rightmindz helps you understand the best possible means of spending your money effectively and efficiently to get the best results. We have an excellent creative team to cater to all your ad needs bringing out the best designs for your brand. We look at out of the bottle concepts and ideas to produce some of the most attractive ads resulting in optimum market penetration. Rightmindz with a highly energetic and professional team brings to the table oven-fresh advertising concepts concentrating on the detailing of the campaign to provide end-to-end advertising solutions.

Brand Consulting

We don’t just call it branding, we call it Rightbranding!! Brands need to be considered the backbone of any business rather than just the face of it. We help brands to enhance their value which in turn helps them to be nurtured as monetizable assets.

A brand speaks a lot in today’s brand conscious world!! At Rightmindz, we take this quite seriously as each and every step taken towards a brand’s growth is essential in creating awareness of the brand, recall and finally what every brand looks forward to which is loyalty. Branding is an essential aspect of every marketing decision and we map the key touch points your business has with its stakeholders to create unique, strategic and compelling experiences for customers. Defining the essence of what the brand entails, sculpting the identity of how it’s perceived and focusing on the appropriate positioning of the brand are all key factors in a good branding process.

When we say Brand Consulting, we mean everything that encompasses it; Branding, Brand Identity, Brand Architecture, Re-branding & Brand Enhancement. All this coupled with the right marketing and communication can take a brand to new heights.

Digital Marketing

In this day and age, a digital solution is key in taking your business forward. We at Rightmindz have a team dedicated to helping you achieve this goal. We provide an end-to-end solution which encompasses everything from making your brand presence known in the digital arena to increasing traffic to your website to the most important aspect which most brands need which is lead generation.

The first important aspect is the design and development of a website which showcases all about the brand, the products, services, and the like which make the brand what it is. Design and content is a very important aspect in keeping a customer focused on your page. Once the brand takes on a form in the digital space the next key factor is to spread the word using apt keywords which define the brand by using dynamic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and tactical Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns, we will help achieve that goal. Keeping a strategy in mind always helps in engaging the customer more effectively and efficiently and we help enable our clients to think before acting. Especially with the rise of the E-commerce industry, keeping to these norms do help in the overall business strategy. Digital branding done right always achieves higher brand awareness and eventually higher brand recall and loyalty. We provide all these solutions to help take your brand to the next level.

Events & Media

Our talented set of event managers have the expertise to deliver an end-to-end solution and make your event a memorable one.

At RightMindz we strive to make an event into a brand experience, launch products, drive sales and promote awareness. We specialize in creating out-of-the-box concepts for Weddings, Promotional Activities, Stage Shows, Concerts and Team Building activities.

Rightmindz has a talent and celebrity management arm which takes care of artists, models and actors for events and manages their portfolio.

PR is vital for any brand and we create the support system for the brand to remain top of the mind at all times. RightMindz has a strong network with the press and media and our in house PR experts will constantly be working on developing your profile and generating positive word-of –mouth for your brand.

Social Media

The dawn of Social Media has slowly but steadily increased every brand’s presence in this arena. Social Media is a remarkable tool in helping brands engage with their target audience. Social Media Marketing eliminates the middlemen providing brands the unique opportunity to have a direct relationship with their customers by getting to know more about the pros and cons of their product or service which helps brands to better themselves.

The question every brand needs to consider is “What better way to reach out to customers than on a social platform where they spend most of their time on?” Social platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and the like have made waves in this industry and cater to each and every customer’s social needs. We take the entire brand as a whole and look into the direction, the strategy and the goal to devise a customized social engagement for them.


Strategy typically involves two major processes:

Strategy is a key element to achieving long term goals while keeping in view the short term ones and doing this well is what we bring to the table. A well-defined strategy in a business is crucial to meet consumer needs while consistently delivering in a competitive environment.

We work on effective strategy models and are not afraid to create or optimize existing ones to suit the needs of the brand. Our category knowledge and trendspotting expertise will help you stay ahead of the curve whether it is traditional media, digital media or brand strategy for the growth of the brand.